Memories and moments from the wedding are still slowly percolating through my consciousness. The things that worked out way better than we thought are starting to show themselves and I’m feeling lucky that there are only two things I regret: not hiring a videographer and my hair.

My brother encouraged me to hire a videographer to preserve our wedding with all the sights and sounds intact, and it’s something I intended to do, but never got around to. I suspected it was a mistake while I was neglecting it, and now I really do wish I had a video of things like the ceremony, which went so fast, and the incredible toasts our friends gave.

My hair looked fine, but I wish I’d put more thought into it. My original idea was to do it myself… it’s not that long, I didn’t want an aggressive up-do, and I like how it looks when I take the time to blow it out. But then I convinced myself I should have it done by someone. I made a Pinterest board filled with loose, romantic, half-up styles and asked my hair colorist if she also styled hair. She said she did, so I made myself an appointment with her. On my wedding day, she did exactly what I asked her to do, but after seeing a few pictures, I wish I’d done something different. I wish I had gone with a stylist who specializes in event hair and would have worked more collaboratively to find a style that was more flattering for my perfectly round head. Or maybe I should have just done it myself.

Luckily, I got a hair re-do a week after our wedding, when our photographers asked us to meet them in Echo Park for a few last shots in front of a mural they found. I did my hair myself, I loved how it turned out and I’m especially looking forward to seeing those pictures.

Our surprise shoot ended up giving me another second chance. My original intent was to do the wedding flowers myself. I love arranging flowers and I thought it would be fun and meaningful to pick out my own blossoms and make my own bouquet. We ended up using a fantastic florist for the wedding, but last Saturday, I went to my local farmer’s market and bought lovely long stems of white blossoms that look like bells and a feathery filler with wee purple tips. I made myself a bouquet and my wife a boutonniere and that’s what we took to Echo Park.

Once again, the theme of our wedding became “take two.”


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